15 Years Warranty

We offer 15 years structural warranty for the homes we construct.

For the homes we construct, we offer a 15-year structural warranty.

Are you looking for a construction business that offers high-quality work? You are in the proper location. For projects, we offer a 15-year warranty. Every one of our ongoing projects will be evaluated and certified in accordance with the same high standards that are subject to thorough quality inspections by our house construction quality checklist. The purpose of a quality check is to ensure that strict quality standards are followed at every stage of construction with the least amount of waste possible.

Four types of quality assurance:

  • Public Execution
  • Structural and Architectural Compliance
  • Electronic, Mechanical and Plumbing
  • Development Management
  • House Construction Cost/Sqft
  • Building Residential Cost/Sqft
  • House Construction Budget
  • BBMP Plan Approval Rules
  • Bore well Cost
  • Architects
  • BWSSB Water Connection
  • BESCOM Connection Cost
  • Vaastu Tips
  • BBMP Building Bye Laws
  • FAR, Carpet Area, & Built Up Area
  • Tips & Ideas