15 Years Warranty

We offer 15 years structural warranty for the homes we construct.

What is Vastu Shasthra?

The five elements (Earth, fire, water, space, and air) and energy fields are balanced properly by Vastu.

Vastu is an ancient discipline of design and construction, not a belief system or a religion. Vastu enables us to get the most out of life.

A place or person's environment can be improved by removing unfavourable energies, according to an ancient Indian science. More abundance is drawn to you as more positive energy are present around you.


* Plot

According to Vastu, purchasing a rectangular or regular plot is advantageous. Additionally, this aids in reducing waste, resulting in a pleasing design and harmony. It is believed that a plot that is surrounded on all four sides by roads is favorable. Additionally, a level piece of land is preferable. Plots facing east, west, or north are preferred over plots facing south.

* Building Position

Vastu says that people should leave more room on the north and east sides of a house than on the south and west sides. Because of this, we prefer plots that face north or east because they allow us to properly design the house and leave more space on the north and east sides. According to Vastu, we should generally leave space all over the house because this helps with proper ventilation and air circulation.

* Entry

The entrance gate into the plot or land should be located in the north and east, according to Vastu. This contributes to improved ventilation. It is also preferable to enter the house from the north or east, as this helps the homeowners achieve prosperity and good health.

* Water

Bore wells, underground tanks, and other things should point in the house's north direction. The house should be positioned in the south-west or south-south direction for overhead tanks. When placed correctly, overhead tanks may assist in attracting wealth, fame, abundance, and prosperity.

* Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should be in the house's south-west corner. The owner should sleep in the master bedroom to the southwest.

* Center of the house

The majority of air should flow freely through the house's center. The living room ought to be in the northwest. There shouldn't be any bulky structures like stairs or anything like that. positioned in the center.

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